About Us

About Us

Hello! I’m Jean-Paul Courneya, owner of Outlier Snacks, the guy who makes these wonderful morsels of deliciousness. The Outlier Snacks team is made up of my family and friends, a group of extremely passionate and talented individuals.

We decided to start selling Outlier Snacks because they taste way better than any of the other kale snacks out there and because we wanted a family business that was a fun alternative to our day jobs which allowed for us to be creative.

Our goal is to make kale snacks that are super tasty that are not baked or fried. Outlier Snacks are available in a number of flavor varieties which are all handcrafted and prepared in small batches.

Go ahead and treat yourself to great snack food, place an order, and let us know what you think. Best wishes for your health and happiness. 

All Outlier Snacks are produced in Southwest Baltimore County, Maryland.

Check out our products, and enjoy your adventure.